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The main finding from a recent survey of teachers and students was that they would welcome greater opportunities to link with industry and researchers to hear practical experience and current thinking and perhaps visit either physically or virtually, aquaculture installations, businesses and research projects. <Download survey report>

Tour of research farmStudents visiting a pond research farm

Many people in industry or research organisations already have academic links and provide occasional lectures, or host visits to their facilities, or host student projects and placements. The Internet now makes it even easier to connect using common tools such as Skype - removing the cost and time of either party having to travel. Teachers would also welcome suggestions for case study materials - details of real situations and how they have been handled - for adaptation into learning exercises. You can read more examples of these teaching innovations on the "Examples of Innovative Teaching" page.

Video conference with a farm directorVideo conference with farm manager

If you are working in the aquaculture, fisheries or other aquatic resources industry or allied research organisation, please consider offering just a little of your time to help enhance the teaching in this sector by completing the form at:

The information you provide will only be made available to members of the Aqua-tnet network for the purposes of approaching you directly to discuss possible inputs to their courses. There is no obligation to contribute if you do not wish to. However, we hope that this will also be a mechanism to generate greater links between academia and industry that will lead to beneficial exchanges and collaborations on both sides.

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