Examples of Innovative Teaching

This is a place where Aqua-tnet members can share their experiences of introducing innovation in teaching through new approaches, tools or methods. You are invited to browse through the examples here and share your own experiences by completing and submitting the linked TEMPLATE (Word Document).

The following examples have been submitted to date. Each example is a PDF file based on the template and including links to further materials and information where appropriate. Please click on the linked title text or right click to download directly to your computer.








Real time interaction with marine cage farm

Clive Dove

Virtual exercise


Use of video in e-learning

Sónia Seixas

Teaching tool


Interdisciplinary case study involving international inter-institutional video link

John Bostock

Virtual exercise


Ithaca, developing an aquaculture business in a virtual island via a moderated role play

Denis Lacroix

Course module/ Role play






















If you have tried any new approaches or tools in your teaching or assessment, please fill in a Template and share your experiences with the network. If you have tried following any of these examples and would like to comment on your experiences (positive or negative), please post a message in the WP5 Discussion Forum under the topic "Examples of Innovative Teaching Feedback".