Finding and Sharing Presentations Through Slideshare               



What is Slideshare?

Slideshare is world’s largest internet based community to share presentations and documents for people you want. Presentations can be watched online without need to download it. Using Slideshare is free of charge.





Why should I use Slideshare?

Slideshare is easy way to share presentations and files. You can upload your own presentations and define who is able to see it. You can create your own defined groups or make groups free to join for people interested about same topic. You can use Slideshare for sharing ideas, getting new contacts, promoting venues. Using Slideshare is free of charge. 

What is slidecast?

Slideshare + podcast = Slidecast. Slidecast combines traditional slides with sound, so you can for example record your lectures and combine your talk to your slides.


Is this only for PowerPoint presentations?

No, you can share several other types of files and presentations too. Accepted file types are: 

 Presentations: pdf, ppt, pps, pptx, ppsx, pot, potx (Powerpoint); odp (OpenOffice); key, zip (Apple Keynote).
Documents: pdf, doc, docx, rtf, xls (MSOffice); odt, ods(OpenOffice); Apple iWork Pages

Maximum filesize for files and presentations is 100mb/file

Can I utilize Slideshare in teaching?

Yes, of course. You can share teaching material through Slideshare and recommend other presentations to students. You can also make and share your Slidecasts with Slideshare


How can I join Slideshare?

It is easy. Go to and press Signup above the Search box. Type username, email address, password and choose account type and you are ready to join.

How I can upload my presentation into Slideshare?

You have to press UPLOAD button in menu bar. Then press Browse and select files and then you just choose the file you want to upload. After that you can add tags (not necessary, but it may help people to find your presentation) and description to  your presentation. 


Can I share Slidehare content with my friends in Social Networking programs?

Yes, you can send your Slideshare presentations to your followers in Twitter or share it with your friends for example in Facebook, Google Buzz, Word Press or Blogger.

I don’t want everyone to see my slides, can I share them privately?

Yes, you can make either public groups which everyone can join or private groups which you can define who is allowed to join and see the presentations.