New Media - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)        

We live in a time of rapid change. New technologies that can have a wide reaching influence on the ways in which we communicate and learn are a part of today's reality. As a teacher, it is not easy to have and maintain an overview of these technologies and how they might be used effectively in teaching and learning activities. And certainly there are numerous questions that must be answers before you would consider trying a new technology.

We hope that the frequently asked questions below will help you in your exploration and use of new media. (You can also access the same information through the online guide to new media.)


Using video - Possibilities for producing, storing, delivering and sharing videos have grown enormous in recent years. Videos are rapidly becoming an integral part of teaching and learning activities in Higher Educaton.

Social bookmarking - The Internet is growing in leaps and bounds every day. It is practically impossible to keep an overview of relevant resources that can be found within your areas of interest. We bookmark what we find, but thing of the boost we would get if we could easily exchange bookmarks with colleagues.

Using images - The opportunity to add a visual dimension to teaching materials has never been easier. And a well planned visual dimension can significantly benefit student learning.

Document sharing- We often work together with colleagues of the same document or want students to produce group assignment. Have you tried document sharing?

Plagiarism - "Cut and paste" as become a problem for universities in the digital age. Information is easy to find, and unfortunately, easy to take and present as your own.

Copyright - When using materials found on the Internet or when making your own materials available on the Internet, it is very important to be aware of copyright restrictions.

Scheduling - It is a frequent challenge when working together with busy colleagues (or students) to find a time to meet that fits everyones's schedule. And at times, you would like to get an answer to a simple question from colleagues or students. Why not try Doodle?

Podcasting - Add a audio dimension to your teaching materials og let your students submit audio presentations. Podcasting can be fast and easy, and have a positive effect on student learning.

Presentation sharing - Have you ever wondered how others present a particular subject area or had the need to place your own presentations somewhere so others could see them? Try Slideshare.

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