Online Scheduling and Small Online Surveys Using Doodle            


What is Doodle?

Doodle ( is an online tool for scheduling any kind of meeting or event among a known group of people. With Doodle it is also possible to make small surveys to ask e.g. peoples’ preferences about a certain issue, or ask people to sign in for certain events. In Doodle the organizer (administrator) of the poll designs a simple form, sends the link to the participants or members of the group who can then go to give their “vote”.



Why should I use Doodle?

It is very easy for everyone in the group to follow the other people choices online. There is no need to send e-mails back and forward, as everyone can see the most voted choice at a glance.


How can I get started with Doodle?

It is very simple. Just go to Then on the first page you can decide whether you want to schedule an event or make a choice call for preferences. There is no requirement for registration.

On the schedule an event page you can give an informative short title for your event and in addition, there is an option to give a longer description. Then you give your name and if you wish you can give your e-mail address. If you give your e-mail, you will always be notified if someone participates or withdraws from your poll.

On the following two pages you give dates and times you wish. Press “Finish” and your poll is ready. You will have a link to be sent to the people you want to participate in your event.

More details for scheduling an event:: 

For making a choice poll, just enter your choices for the option slots and that’s it. You can send the link given by Doodle to the participants.

More details for making a choice:


How do the participants give their answers?

All participants will get an e-mail with a link directly to the poll. The participant just needs to write his/her name and select the suitable dates or other choice given in the poll, and save the answer.


Can Doodle be used for teaching?

From the pedagogical point of view Doodle is certainly limited and not even intended for such purposes. However, Doodle can easily be used for asking the students opinions for the best time for an exam or other scheduling issues.

In Doodle it is also possible to make hidden polls, where the administrator is the only person who can see the answers. As such, doodle can be used for short quizzes or very simple choice exams. Hidden polls can be selected on the last page under “Options” button.


Can I change the poll after creating it?

For the administrator it is possible to change the poll but then all votes given so far will disappear. The changes can be made under the administrator link.


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