Work package 1 - European Master Cooperation

Coordination and monitoring: by Odd-Ivar Lekang with support from Mike Moulton (Norwegian University of Life Sciences). 

Aim: To strengthen cooperation between master programs and stakeholders in the Aqua-tnet domain through the development and sharing of learning resources and an innovative use of new ICT tools.

Through the 2 first phases of Aqua-tnet, a good overview over European Master programs and courses has been compiled ( and a functional network of European universities has been established. Challenges for different stakeholder groups with respect to competence development have been specified and discussed. Obstacles inhibiting cooperation between institutions and between institutions and stakeholder groups have been identified. In addition, new ICT tools that could help reduce these obstacles have been explored. Building on this, WP1 will now take this into action and develop, use, share, and evaluate specific learning resources/learning objects. The concrete nature of WP activities assumes a sincere commitment and will strengthen practical cooperation between partners.     

Main Objectives

A.  Develop specifications including which ICT tool to use for development of common learning resources
B. Core group members from 5 6 EU countries develop a multimedia learning resource including a lecture and a case study where university stakeholder interactions are included
C. Develop learning activities for the learning resource
D. Test and evaluate the learning resource (by students)
E. Develop a pioneer course (common web course) using the learning objects and activities

Outputs and results

D1.1 Specifications including which ICT tool to use for development of common learning resources.

D1.2 Learning Resources Development  (AQUACASE Website)

D1.3 Common learning activities for the learning resources

D1.4 Testing and evaluation of the learning resources and activities

D1.5 Pioneer joint MSc course on European Aquaculture

Odd-Ivar Lekang, presentation on AquaCase at Aquaculture Europe 2013

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