Work package 2 - European PhD Collaboration

Coordination and monitoring: by Peter Bossier (Ghent University).

Aim: Designing and building dedicated PhD courses contributing to international EU mobility at doctoral level.

During the Aqua-tnet2 project an inventory of dedicated and specialised PhD courses was developed (PhD portal on It was noted that very little innovation is ongoing in this field, mostly because of a lack of a match between supply of knowledge (new knowledge generated in excellence centres in Europe) and the demand for dedicated PhD courses among students working across Europe. In view of the ongoing reflection at the European level on improving the EHEA, for instance as summarised in the Louvain-la-Neuve communiqué (April 2009) in which a strong emphasis on the need for mobility was highlighted, WP2 will identify the need for PhD courses at the European level, design courses for which there is a well-documented need and develop and run such courses. The project will consider the maximum use of new ICT tools to accommodate for virtual mobility.

Main Objectives

F. Review available information (Aqua-tnet2008-11) on dedicated PhD courses in the Aqua-tnet domain
G. Identify, e.g. through consultation with stakeholders, new courses of high interest currently not available in the Aqua-tnet domain
H. Design one or two new courses, with a special focus on the possibility to match supply and demand in higher education in the Aqua-tnet domain.
I. Define the possibility to incorporate the latest ICT tools in the development of the course, stimulating virtual mobility
J. Develop one or two new courses, bringing together scientists and tutors from across Europe specialised in the identified fields of the courses.
K. Run the new dedicated PhD courses

Outputs and results

D2.3 Presentation of novel PhD course to be developed at Annual Event

D2.6 Presentation of the novel PhD course at the Second Annual  Event

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