Work package 4 - Generic skills for future success

Coordination and monitoring: by Prof. Graham J. Pierce (University of Aberdeen)

Aim: To promote the acquisition of transversal key competences by developing and promoting the uptake of new generic skills training materials and approaches to meet employer needs.

Learning of transferable skills remains essential for a skills and knowledge-based economy. The fast change in job market in the marine sector (e.g. aquaculture, fisheries, aquatic resource management), driven by the continued development of new technologies and exacerbated by the current economic crisis, means that graduates will increasingly need generic/life skills to maintain their employability and maximize their job opportunities and. Across many sectors, such skills will be increasingly valued on the labour market. Indeed, the Bologna 2020 declaration (Louvain, 2009) specifically emphasises the importance of transferable skills for lifelong learning and employability. In the previous Aqua-tnet, the group dedicated to “New Generic Skills and Competences Approaches in Europe” identified current learning and skills training needs, gaps and new requirements in current postgraduate generic skills training and provided recommendations concerning best practice for generic skills training modules. Building upon this groundwork, the new proposal will take this further and develop generic skills training materials, training approaches and delivery methods.    

Main Objectives

R. To work with the industry (employers) to develop recommendations on the life and work skills needed in the workplace of the future
S. To interact with the Technology Platforms to identify the relevant associated generic skills
T. To identify resource limitations to the delivery of generic skills caused by the economic crisis and develop affordable delivery skills mechanisms
U. To offer generic skills which are available life-long, and help people to access jobs, especially currently disadvantaged population segments
V. To help to address the continued incompatibility between EU countries in degree structures and access to university training
W. To develop generic skills training materials which meet the requirements identified in A to E
X. To develop relevant generic skills training approaches and delivery methods 

Outputs and results

D4.2  Plan Survey
D4.3  Consultation Exercise
D4.6  Report on Consultation

D4.7 Generic skills training materials

D4.10 Report on generic skills materials

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