Work package 3 - Aqua-tnet on the move (Mobility)

Coordination and monitoring: by Lluis Tort (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona).

Aim: To create opportunities for mobility in the Aqua-tnet domain, in order to support the improvement of the performance and international attractiveness of Aqua-tnet’s higher education institutions and raise the overall quality of all levels of education and training in the EU.

Two of the seven Flagship Initiatives (Europe2020), “Youth on the move" and “An agenda for new skills and jobs”, as well as the Bologna Process 2020 Communiqué (Louvain, April 2009) underline the importance of mobility of European students, early stage researchers and staff as it strengthens the academic and cultural internationalization of European higher education and enhances the quality of programmes and excellence in research, needed for reviving the economy of the European Union. Therefore, mobility shall be the hallmark of the European Higher Education Area.

Aqua-tnet supports the creation of opportunities for mobility in Aqua-tnet domain, building on groundwork done in previous phases of the network. A mobility platform has been set up for the Aqua-tnet domain, incorporating international mobility opportunities at Master and PhD level, but also listing Training for Teachers, Short courses, Work experience opportunities and giving a database of all institutions and people involved. Additional information available is best practices in mobility and other useful links related to mobility. Now it is intended to maintain, update and expand this portal to become the pan-European mobility portal to go to for all sectors related to the aqua-tnet domain. The Aqua-tnet portal will become the reference for the aquatic sector for all issues related to mobility in our sectors.

Main Objectives

L. To provide new opportunities for Training Mobility among students and workers in the Aquatic sector
M. To increase the number of places receiving movers and to expand the knowledge about possible placements
N. To increase the information on the specific place for training, the local conditions and the characteristics of the course of activity offered and to increase the possibilities for self-renovation and continuous update of the information packages.
O. To develop a network of local points that provide mobility opportunities and to link interests and experiences between them.
P. To create local networks, national or regional, or to link with existing networks to foster efficiency and rational expenditure and efforts
Q. To expand Mobility through interaction with stakeholders

Outputs and results

D3.1 Core Group Meeting Year 1

D3.2 Annual Event Year 1

D3.3 Core Group Meeting Year 2

D3.4 Annual Event Year 2

D3.5 Course Information Package 

D3.6 Updates to Education Gate portal

D3.7 Core Group Meeting Year 3 

D3.11 Mobility Reference Site

Local Support Network

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