Work package 7 - Dissemination and Outreach

Coordination and monitoring: AquaTT


  • To promote the role and activities of the Aqua-tnet network.
  • To disseminate project achievements to all target end users to ensure that network outcomes and deliverables are adopted by partner and non-partner institutions, leading to measurable impacts on the sector.
  • To ensure that projected consultations with stakeholders and end users results in their continuing involvement in network activities.

For the network to be effective it is essential that new knowledge generated within the partnership is skilfully communicated to all target audiences. AquaTT contains a professional project management team with over 19 years experience in dissemination; this team will undertake the implementation of a targeted measurable dissemination campaign which includes successful dissemination services, a notable feature of the Phase 1 and 2 projects.

Target audiences can be seen as;

a)   within the partnership
b) the broader sectoral community covered by the network (aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resource management)
c)   the overarching European Higher Education (EHEA) area

Outputs and results

  1. Aqua-tnet web portal
  2. AquaTT Training News
  3. Aqua-tnet newsletter
  4. Network brochure (file size is too big to upload. Please contact if you would like a copy)
  5. Sectoral representation
  6. Articles
  7. Aquatic Students E-mailing Service
  8. BibMail
  9. Information of Interest


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