Work package 8 - Exploitation of Result

Coordination and monitoring: by Trevor Telfer & Kim Jauncey (University of Stirling).

Aim: To ensure that any outcomes developed and disseminated are adopted and implemented by target audiences, even after the end of the funding period.

Exploitation of results is an essential target for the Network in order to have significant impact both within the aquaculture, fisheries and Aquatic Resources Management sector and within the wider sphere of European Lifelong Learning. The project has great potential for stimulating and supporting innovation within the aquaculture, fisheries and aquatic resources management sectors, but will need to ensure that barriers to adoption are overcome and routes to exploitation are properly identified and supported throughout the network.

Main Objectives

A. To optimise the value of the project, and maximise its achievements
B. To develop, maintain and update an ongoing exploitation plan, so that exploitation of the developed outcomes is enabled.
C. To transfer the outcomes of the project to all relevant network domains
D. To transfer the outcomes of the project to educators in other domains

Outputs and results

D8.1/8.2 Report on meeting on exploitable results 

D8.7 Development of database of take-up of exploited results

D8.8 Summary report for activities and outcomes of WP8
D8.9 State of Innovation Report 2012/13


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