Work package 9 - Quality Assurance

Coordination and monitoring: by Prof. Gavin Burnell (University College Cork (UCC)) with the support of the Universities Quality Promotion Unit and a campus organisation: National Academy for Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (NAIRTL).

Aim: To set up a Quality Assurance process to monitor and report on quality issues related to the networks processes, activities and deliverables.

The network intends to run multiple parallel work packages with significant activity. WP9 is tasked with setting up a Quality Assurance process in order to monitor progress on an ongoing basis in order to ensure the network processes, activities and deliverables are suitable for purpose and contribute to achieving the overall projects objectives.

Main Objectives

A. Design and implement a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) to monitor network processes, activities and deliverables
B. Ensure integration and participation of all stakeholders within each core Work package
C. Ensure optimal cooperation with other projects/networks/initiatives (European and Member State) to ensure complementarity and synergies take place
D. External evaluation of the project by an expert evaluator

Outputs and results

Coming soon 

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